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Penjual dan Kontraktor Penyedia Rumah Kayu Tradisional Jawa Kuno Limasan Serta Joglo

jual limasan jati kuno ukiran jepara

Joglo Carving House

Joglo house is unique and full of aesthetics. Besides its architecture, the carving from every part of the house also unique. Joglo is a traditional Javanese house that is strong with cultural and philosophical values.Not only the architectural of the house that has its own meaning, but also on the carving too. That’s why it…
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jual limasan jati kuno ukiran jepara asli

Joglo Homes of Teak Wood

Joglo is a traditional Javanese house that is used wood as the main material and made by high-quality wood such as teak wood. Teak wood is an excellent wood among other kinds of wood in Indonesia also in the world.Joglo high in demand to be a home for old days so the wood must be…
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jual joglo jati kuno

How Much is a Joglo ?

When we want to buy a joglo house that is full of Javanese traditional philosophy, you better have to know your specific reason first. Why do you want to buy it? We must adjust the area of land and the budget that we have so our expenses can be controlled.A joglo house is versatile. It…
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jual limasan jati kuno

Javanese Joglo House

Javanese Joglo is one of a traditional Javanese house that is famous and has much uniqueness. Buildings made of high-quality teak or wood are considered to have magical values and philosophies of their own. This is one of its characteristics that is still much in demand by local and foreign communities today.Various types of Javanese…
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jual pendopo jati antik

Pendopo for sale

There are so many Pendopo for sale in Indonesia. Pendhapa/Pendopo is a part of a traditional house that is commonly located in front of a dwelling house. However, pendhapa can also be located separately from the dwelling house (standing alone). Pendhapa comes from Sanskrit “mandapa” which means additional buildings.The pendhapa is almost similar to the…
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