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Pendopo for sale

Penjual dan Kontraktor Penyedia Rumah Kayu Tradisional Jawa Kuno Limasan Serta Joglo

Pendopo for sale

jual pendopo jati antik

There are so many Pendopo for sale in Indonesia. Pendhapa/Pendopo is a part of a traditional house that is commonly located in front of a dwelling house. However, pendhapa can also be located separately from the dwelling house (standing alone). Pendhapa comes from Sanskrit “mandapa” which means additional buildings.
The pendhapa is almost similar to the hall in its form and function, which is wide and usually used for a meeting place. The difference is the hall is indoor and surrounded by walls, while the pendhapa is outdoor only surrounded by many pillars.

Being in a pendhapa makes us be able to relax or do other serious activities while enjoying the wind and sunlight indirectly because it has a roof to prevent direct sun and rain.
Even though pendhapa is close to ancient buildings, it still exists until now. Pendhapa has many functions which until now are still useful like to receive guests, a meeting place, a place to practice art, do traditional ceremonies, home industry workspaces, and others. That makes it a lot of modern buildings today that include pendhapa as an additional building of their house.
It can also be a place to relax with family and friends. Therefore, many pendhapa marketed now to complete the needs of private residences or public places.

Pendhapa is generally made of teak wood but can also be modified with other materials. There are many choices of pendhapa for sale models offered on this website.
Pendhapa for sale now can be ordered by the styles that we want and has been sold in the many markets, one of them through this website. Details about materials and models that discuss this useful building can be requested here.
The urge to have a building that is thick with culture and has many functions is now easier. On this website, Pendhapa/Pendopo for sale now available in various styles according to our style. Serving orders in the Yogyakarta area and surrounding areas and this Pendhapa for sale are sold in a price range between Rp100.000.000 – Rp500.000.000.
It’s free and welcome to contacting us by our contacts to make orders and discuss your specifications of Pendhapa and the price.


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