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Joglo Homes of Teak Wood

Penjual dan Kontraktor Penyedia Rumah Kayu Tradisional Jawa Kuno Limasan Serta Joglo

Joglo Homes of Teak Wood

jual limasan jati kuno ukiran jepara asli

Joglo is a traditional Javanese house that is used wood as the main material and made by high-quality wood such as teak wood. Teak wood is an excellent wood among other kinds of wood in Indonesia also in the world.
Joglo high in demand to be a home for old days so the wood must be strong, durable, resistant to weather and temperature changes. For this reason, teak is chosen to fulfill all of these criteria.
Teak wood is a type of wood that grows a lot on Javanese island. This wood originally came from Burma. In ancient times, teak wood is widely known for its advantages for various kinds of wood processing such as for making ships, railroad patches, building houses, home furniture, and others.
The characteristics of teak wood that made them as the best wood are its small wood fiber so it can be smooth and flat surface when cut, its unique colors such as golden red-brown, resistant to insects such as termites, and doesn’t need the finishing process because it has a layer of oil / natural wax which has become a natural preservative.

The natural oil of teak wood also makes it has a beautiful color. Teak wood is tough against molds and doesn’t rot because of the humid air.
The older the teak wood would be the best quality of it. However, teak wood is a type of wood that has long growth. It takes 50 years to get a 40 cm diameter wood. That is why teak wood is expensive.
But today, many people don’t care about the price because their principle is they will pay more money to get the best quality goods especially for collectors of traditional Javanese houses or other traditional Javanese furniture.

Joglo homes of teak wood are the best from other types of woods. So, the quality can’t be doubted. Joglo homes of teak wood also the most famous even though the price is enough to drain our wallet.
On this website now available in various models, styles, and sizes according to our taste of joglo homes with teak wood. Serving orders in the Yogyakarta area and surrounding areas.
It’s free and welcome to contacting us by our contacts to make orders and discuss your specifications of joglo homes of teak wood.


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