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Joglo Carving House

Penjual dan Kontraktor Penyedia Rumah Kayu Tradisional Jawa Kuno Limasan Serta Joglo

Joglo Carving House

jual limasan jati kuno ukiran jepara

Joglo house is unique and full of aesthetics. Besides its architecture, the carving from every part of the house also unique. Joglo is a traditional Javanese house that is strong with cultural and philosophical values.
Not only the architectural of the house that has its own meaning, but also on the carving too. That’s why it makes the joglo house also has magic values. Characteristics of the main materials of this house made of woods, so it makes it easier to make beautiful carvings.
Carvings are on the roof, foundation, and other locations in the house have meaning including about education and how to live life well. Space planning and manufacturing materials which mostly use wood are a perfect collaboration that can make the room seem calm, cool, and comfortable.
Joglo carving house especially can be seen on the blandar tumpang sari that serves as a buffer for the four main pillars. Besides that, carvings can also be seen on gebyok, main pillars, and other house furniture.

Carving on the joglo house generally used as decoration to give beauty. The decoration is expected to provide peace and coolness for those who live there. The Joglo house decoration in Yogyakarta is inspired by flora, fauna, and nature.
The decoration of carving is about a blooming flower called Padma. Padma is a red lotus flower as a symbol of purity, and not easily swayed by all kinds of disasters that rush it.
Lung-lungan decoration in traditional Joglo houses is the most common decoration. Lung-lungan means the stem of young plants. Usually, this decoration is carved into wood and many take illustration of lotus flowers, jasmine flowers, passion fruit leaves, and other plants. All the decorations give a sense of peace, besides the nature of wingit and haunted vibe.
The sizes of joglo house will be priced at a high price if the carving more complex, smooth, also seems like three-dimension. That kind of carving which is liked by many people.
On this website now available in various models and styles according to our taste of joglo carving house. Serving orders in the Yogyakarta area and surrounding areas and these Joglo are sold in a price range between Rp100.000.000 – Rp500.000.000.
It’s free and welcome to contacting us by our contacts to make orders and discuss your own specifications of joglo and the price.


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